An extremists canvas

Friday, June 16, 2006

If Life is how you plan, then why there is still hope inspite of these adversaries. If it is pre destined, then isn't suicide the only way to challange god's judgement. The normal way of life has never seemed plausible to me, because deep inside we all feel an undying urge to challange the norms. By the time I joined college, I was damn sure that I would definitely be very indecent for a decent job. I never had any aptitude for banking or commerce. but I was doing B.Com!!! I am a folk artist who would live life dancing to the tunes of birds, rivers and eveything that has life. I am a story teller. God knows how I was blessed by that gift. I believe I am like the women who told 1001 stories of the legendry Arabian nights. Like her, If I don't tell a story I would die. So this blog is an other page of my story. Share it, Wear it, Tear it. This is my story. It might not be exiting, or thought provoking. but this is the honest one.