An extremists canvas

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It is a great feeling when your work bears fruit. You feel all that you had endured was worth, And you are special. You know it when it happens. Yesterday (22/07/2006), our station went on air officially. Though it is not our true launch. But we announced the whole city that we are here now. I had goosebumbs when I heard my station jingle, whose lyrics I had written, was aired!!!! That was at 12:00a.m dot. We were in our office the whole night, early morning when our Jocks went on air, I felt on top of the world and bad at the same time. Top of the world for all those reasons why a mother would feel so happy, after a labourious hellish pain, seeing her baby. And bad because I want to go on air but I cannot for time being, because of that attrocious Reliance deal. . . . .

Har Kisi Ko Mukkammal Jahan Nahi Milta.
Kabhi Asmaan To Kabhi Zameen Nahi Milta.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Couldn't write for the whole week. Was busy with work in the new station. Great powers bring greater responsibilities. The job is getting challenging and it is pushing all my limits. I enjoyed this Sunday. I had worked like a donkey for the whole week and when got a sunday for myself, I respected all that time for it was the time that justified those times when I have never had time. I took my parents, brother, family to my workplace and showed my office. My mom was exhilarated and almost had tears over her son's achievements!!!!!!!!!!1
I purchased some DVDs and saw Pirates of carribeans and loved Jhonny Depp's acting. It was great. The mannerisms he had adopted to the character was a clear study for method acting students. So a week has started once again and it is back to work.

Even a Stopped watch is right twice a day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This weekend(9/07/2006) was very fruitful. I wrote a good story and have sent for the state level short story competition. The result will be out in 3 months. I saw a beautiful French movie, Amelie, and I was so thrilled after seeing it that I could see only clours around me. It is a beautiful story about how life is beautiful inspite of its adversities & the only way to be happy is by making others smile and not leting them know you were the reason!?
My Mom found that I lost my ring, and she went bonkers over it screaming, making the whole neighbourhood know how irresponsible freak I am. Most of the times, I feel my mom does it on purpose so that the girls in the neighbourhood think twice before aproaching me!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I think the battle has begun. The organisation I had talked earlier was Reliance. I had attended their training and was devastated by their attitude and decided not to join them. Now How do I dare to defy them!? They had made me sign a contract whose terms I had never understood. When asked if I could consult someone else, they had strictly said 'nothing doin'. I had to either sign or get out. Now I like a Bufoon signed it without thinking. Then we went to training, and endured hell. at the end we made a rhyme;
When Faith starts to Tremble
When hope Starts to Tremble
When abilities get doubted
When decisions get questioned
Then. . . .
Then What else
It is Reliance Training.

Now they have slashed a case. I too have back answered them. Now lest us see how much more dirty it can get. After all a gutter cannot be cleand without getting dirty

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today (4/07/2006), on the day of American Independence, this Indian was reminded of his slavery. Not so bad. I hav e had a small disagreement with one of the largest industrial organisation of india. i refused to work with them after signing a contract with them, on the grounds of non alignment of human rights treaty. Now how on earth can a dumb artist sing a revolutionary song agaisnst the greates power in India. They have to prove their power and set an example to the rest that no one can defy the rules, and it is a great crime to be different and a greater sin to be indifferent to their orders. So they have sent a notice that I have to pay them Rs.3,00,000/- or else they could go legal. I would definitely not pay them that amount for it would be accepting their attrocities. So may be next time I would be writing this blog from a prison. But I will be free. Because I choose it.