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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Couldn't write for the whole week. Was busy with work in the new station. Great powers bring greater responsibilities. The job is getting challenging and it is pushing all my limits. I enjoyed this Sunday. I had worked like a donkey for the whole week and when got a sunday for myself, I respected all that time for it was the time that justified those times when I have never had time. I took my parents, brother, family to my workplace and showed my office. My mom was exhilarated and almost had tears over her son's achievements!!!!!!!!!!1
I purchased some DVDs and saw Pirates of carribeans and loved Jhonny Depp's acting. It was great. The mannerisms he had adopted to the character was a clear study for method acting students. So a week has started once again and it is back to work.

Even a Stopped watch is right twice a day.


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