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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I think the battle has begun. The organisation I had talked earlier was Reliance. I had attended their training and was devastated by their attitude and decided not to join them. Now How do I dare to defy them!? They had made me sign a contract whose terms I had never understood. When asked if I could consult someone else, they had strictly said 'nothing doin'. I had to either sign or get out. Now I like a Bufoon signed it without thinking. Then we went to training, and endured hell. at the end we made a rhyme;
When Faith starts to Tremble
When hope Starts to Tremble
When abilities get doubted
When decisions get questioned
Then. . . .
Then What else
It is Reliance Training.

Now they have slashed a case. I too have back answered them. Now lest us see how much more dirty it can get. After all a gutter cannot be cleand without getting dirty


At 6:10 AM, Blogger ursjina said...

hey..thanx for the comment..i think u r plunging better than me..way to go buddy!!!


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