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Sunday, July 23, 2006

It is a great feeling when your work bears fruit. You feel all that you had endured was worth, And you are special. You know it when it happens. Yesterday (22/07/2006), our station went on air officially. Though it is not our true launch. But we announced the whole city that we are here now. I had goosebumbs when I heard my station jingle, whose lyrics I had written, was aired!!!! That was at 12:00a.m dot. We were in our office the whole night, early morning when our Jocks went on air, I felt on top of the world and bad at the same time. Top of the world for all those reasons why a mother would feel so happy, after a labourious hellish pain, seeing her baby. And bad because I want to go on air but I cannot for time being, because of that attrocious Reliance deal. . . . .

Har Kisi Ko Mukkammal Jahan Nahi Milta.
Kabhi Asmaan To Kabhi Zameen Nahi Milta.


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