An extremists canvas

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today (4/07/2006), on the day of American Independence, this Indian was reminded of his slavery. Not so bad. I hav e had a small disagreement with one of the largest industrial organisation of india. i refused to work with them after signing a contract with them, on the grounds of non alignment of human rights treaty. Now how on earth can a dumb artist sing a revolutionary song agaisnst the greates power in India. They have to prove their power and set an example to the rest that no one can defy the rules, and it is a great crime to be different and a greater sin to be indifferent to their orders. So they have sent a notice that I have to pay them Rs.3,00,000/- or else they could go legal. I would definitely not pay them that amount for it would be accepting their attrocities. So may be next time I would be writing this blog from a prison. But I will be free. Because I choose it.


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