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Sunday, September 10, 2006

If you are a non kannadiga (people who speak kannada are called kannadigas) you should read a translated version of K P Poornachandra tejasvi's any novel. and if you are a kannadiga and you haven't read Tejasvi!!!! go fall in a gutter and die.

Tejasvi is the son of legendary Kuvempu. He took a land in 'moodagere' in midst of desne thick forest and has lead a farmer's life throughout his life. There are people who say a lot about ideals. but Tejasv's life itself is a book of guidelines of how to live a great exiting, adventurous, and holistic life. His works are filled with humour, science, life and every work gives a different perspective everytime you read it. I read his books for the first time when i was 5th standard and had gone to forest searching for the tigers!! If any reader of this blog knows any other books which changed & challenged your faith and attitude, please read it once more and don't waste your precious time on net.


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