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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My story hasn't won the award in a competition. Surprisingly everyone thinks that this is the best story I have ever written and the stories that have won are not as good as mine. Well these thoughts make you feel very happy but the question remains the same. If some thing a piece of art, music, architecture, is really great than why doesn't everyone have the same opinion!? What is great!? Who decides it!? Many say it is based on our taste.! Not true. For many great work are those that have challenged what you always believed, have challenged mediocrity, have "changed" your taste! So it is not the taste. Then is it the non conventional aspects. The thing they say 'it is different' thing that matters.!?!?

May be the story didn't appease the judges. Judgements are like watches. Each tells its own time and still each believes his own!

So how do you please the judges!?!? Or should an artist or anyone do anything like appeasing the other person!? I have not believed in such things. It would be prostitution. Give them what they want and then demand what you want!? It is true that it is good for business. but art is not business! Is it!?!?

They say there is no business like show business. So all the directors and directors who write scripts do business. The stories are designed to woo the audience and the only motive of this art is to make money. What is wrong!? Why should artists always suffer? so that brings us back to the earlier question, Should I write according to the taste of the judges!?!?

Most of the artists are revered after their death! And these artists are those who didn't write for judges. They stuck to their conviction and were honest to their art. So I have to stick to my conviction and die, so people would accept me.........

Of all these thoughts one strikes me the most. Would I be telling these same things if my story had won an award!?!?!?@#&*+


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