An extremists canvas

Sunday, September 10, 2006

On July 29, I went to Mysore to meet the freedom fighters, as their soundbytes was very necessary for our Independence Day celebration. I met 4 freedom fighters. and was enthralled by their life and struggle. Mr Seetaram Iyyengar was arrested by the police during the quit India movement when he was 17. He is now 80. He runs an old age home, works for the tribals and goes to villages to preach swadeshi and gramoddhar!!? What keeps his faith alive is what baffles. India right now is dead with gandhian ideals. But looking at thjese people, they are octagonerian and still they don't plan to retire and work till their last breath. For them gandhi is way of life!?!?!? Mysore was not the same to me that day. though I had been their couple of time, I had not walked its streets. It is a beautiful. I realised that you cannot understand history by reading about it. I strolled more and more in the area and tried to figure how the Maharajas, British and the freedom fighters must have played snake and ladders in these streets.! !!!! Lord, give me more time and strength to explore new truths.


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